What is Covered by Workers’ Compensation and Mental Health?

What is Covered by Workers’ Compensation and Mental Health?

If your business operates in the USA and you have one or more employees, you must obtain OH Workers’ Compensation. This way, you’ll be prepared with insurance coverage if one of your employees is wounded while working.

Every new hire wants to know the details of your Workers’ Compensation plan and what issues are covered. Before making your next hiring decision, consider the following information on mental illness and workers’ compensation.

Can Workers’ Compensation cover anxiety or Stress?

Even if your plan addresses anxiety and stress, it can be challenging for your employees to demonstrate that their mental illnesses are work-related.

Some states specify in their workers’ compensation regulations that particular conditions, such as the need for medicine or hospitalization, must be met by employees. For instance, workers’ compensation would likely pay the costs of an employee who loses a limb in an accident and develops post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mental Illness and Workers’ Compensation Claims

In general, the following situations increase your likelihood of receiving workers’ compensation benefits for mental health conditions:

  • You can demonstrate that your job significantly affects mental illness. You usually cannot receive workers’ compensation benefits unless you indicate that your job is the primary cause of your psychological condition. Suppose your symptoms seem connected to a workplace injury or traumatic event. In that case, insurance investigators may delve into your personal life to prove that your mental health issues were brought on by something other than work, such as financial difficulties, family conflict, or a pre-existing psychological condition.


  • The condition was given to you by a mental health professional. Unless you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health condition and your treatment with a mental health professional is thoroughly recorded, you probably won’t be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits for a mental health condition.


  • A work-related physical injury is an extremely traumatic experience. The fact that you are a first responder is the cause of the mental health condition. You most likely won’t be eligible to collect workers’ compensation payments if your mental health problems are caused by everyday workplace pressures or your employer’s good faith personnel actions, such as poor reviews or discipline. On the other hand, you will be in a far stronger position to argue that you are entitled to workers’ compensation payments if you are a first responder or your psychological impairment results from a work-related physical injury or particularly traumatic occurrence.

What Support Can You Offer Your Staff?

Be as sympathetic and understanding as you can if one of your employees informs you that they are applying for OH Workers’ Compensation to pay for their medical expenditures related to mental health.

Work with your staff to develop a safe atmosphere free from harassment or threats to anyone’s mental health.

Bottom Line

Since they are frequently contested, workers’ compensation claims can be drawn out and complicated. This is particularly true in cases involving psychological injuries, which are more complex than workplace accidents involving physical damage.

A workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in assessing your claim through the several steps of the procedure and obtaining the benefits to which you are legally entitled. Most workers’ compensation lawyers don’t ask for money upfront and only charge a fee if you win your case.

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