Yogurt Health Facts! Learn How Yogurt Helps to Improve Your Health

Yogurt Health Facts! Learn How Yogurt Helps to Improve Your Health

Learn all about these yogurt health facts to better your diet.

The yogurt crazy is going strong. From frozen yogurt to Greek yogurt, it’s become a staple in the diets of Americans across the country. Not only is it delicious, but yogurt has its fair share of health benefits. Whether it’s eaten for breakfast or an afternoon snack, learn about all the health benefits that yogurt has to offer. Check out these yogurt health facts to help you get started.

Yogurt has lots of good bacteria.

Bacteria gets a bad rap. While there’s plenty of bad bacteria out there, there’s also lots of good bacteria. Yogurt is full of good bacteria. These active cultures found in yogurt promote good digestive health while they boost the body’s immune system.

Yogurt has important vitamins.

Live cultures aren’t the only nutritional benefit of yogurt. Yogurt is full of necessary vitamins and minerals that you need in your diet. Calcium and vitamin B-12 can be found in yogurt.

Yogurt is packed with protein.

Protein is a great way to keep you full longer. Fortunately, yogurt is a great source of protein, especially when it comes to Greek yogurt. However, when choosing yogurt at the market, choose your brand wisely. Look for plain, fat-free yogurt that’s low in sugar. That way you keep your yogurt a healthy food option.

Yogurt makes for low fat baked goods.

Oil and butter make for delicious desserts, but they also increase the fat content. Yogurt, however, can be an excellent substitution. It keeps your baked goods low in fat, yet just as delicious. Try adding yogurt to your food the next time you make baked goods.

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