What Type of Insurance Should You Buy for Your Commercial Trucking Company?

What Type of Insurance Should You Buy for Your Commercial Trucking Company?

Commercial trucking companies must carry auto insurance for the trucks and drivers they have on the road. They must also carry liability insurance that protects them from damage and injuries that are incurred due to an accident. It’s important to discuss the types of commercial trucking insurance you will need with your insurance agent. This will ensure that you have the coverage you need while you are operating your business. Here’s a look at the finer details of commercial trucking insurance.

Defining Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial trucking insurance is in place to protect your business, its assets, and your peace of mind. It performs dual duty. First, it acts as an auto insurance policy protecting your trucks as they travel down the road. Secondly, it protects your business from the many different types of liability, including damage to your cargo and the loss of financial interest in your company.

Different Types of Liability and Damage for a Commercial Trucking Company

Auto liability and general liability are staples of this type of insurance. Bobtail insurance, reefer breakdown coverage, motor truck cargo, rental reimbursement, medical payments, and underinsured/uninsured motorist coverages are all included in commercial trucking and business insurance. Commercial trucking insurance provides many different types of insurance that you may not even realize will be needed. This includes liability to individuals as well as damage to your cargo.

Essential Coverage for Both Tractors and Trailers

There are times when tractors and trailers need coverage while not on the road. Trailers being moved around a lot and tractors bobtailing from job to job, commercial trucking insurance offers coverage for both. Many times tractors and trailers move independently of one another. This type of insurance makes sure they are sufficiently covered at all times.

Commercial trucking insurance is not something you take lightly if you own a tractor/trailer or a small trucking company. Contact our insurance experts at Steve Wilk Insurance Agency. We have the answers you need to ensure you are fully protected against any type of risk. Call today and schedule a consultation to determine if you have enough insurance for your trucks. They can help you identify your biggest areas of risk and put together a policy to protect your investment.

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